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High Fidelity Manikins

High Fidelity Manikins

manikin can be used in a real or simulated healthcare environment such as a medical simulation center. A manikin can range in its level of realism from a low-fidelity manikin to highfidelity manikin. … A mid-fidelity manikin is usually a full-body simulated patient but with minimal computer components.

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CSSC Management system

a powerful simulation center management solution for medical schools, nurse education programs, allied health and hospital-based simulation programs. The scalable healthcare education platform is user-friendly, web-based and secure.

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CSSC Management system

Performance Improvement for Training Environments


General Clinics & ENT/opthomology

Medical Student-led Outpatient Clinics: Improving Undergraduate topics Education

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General Clinics  & ENT/opthomology

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