CSSC Main message

Traditional teaching and learning styles are essential to an effective,high-quality health training  program, reality-based learning,
like students the UMM ALQURA  University Clinical Skills Centre,plays a critical role in developing solid clinical and critical thinking skills.

The UQU-CSSC offers its participants and faculty an unparalleled medical educational experience,preparing the professionals who will shape the future of health care delivery.

The UQU-CSSC at the college of Medicine encourages utilization of the this dedicated facilities by all College of Medicine and health College-related clinical groups. The UQU-CSSC is under the auspices
of the Office of Vice- Dean for Quality and Development, and Support and is a central part of the Faculty of Medicine  mission to provide superior medical education.
Faculty and staff of the UQU-CSSC  are keen and ready  to help develop and implement
learning opportunities that are focused to enhance Patient-Safety Principles.